Saturday October 22 , 2016
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Macintosh HD:Users:adamkhoo:Desktop:AK.tiffIn 2004, Adam Khoo created the Wealth Academy program to teach people the investing, business and money management principles he has used to become a millionaire many times over. Since then, the program has been attended by over 8,000 professionals, executives and business owners around the Asian region.

Although busy running his businesses in corporate training, advertising, children’s enrichment and fund management, Adam finds the time to pursue his passion in teaching and mentoring people to achieve their fullest potential in their personal, financial and professional lives.

About Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo is the Chairman of the Adam Khoo Learning technologies Group, one of Asia’s largest private training companies that operate in seven countries. He also has interests in various other businesses that generated a combined revenue of $30 million annually.

He holds an Honours Degree in Business Administration (Finance) (NUS) where he was ranked among the top 1% among his cohort. He was awarded both the NUS Eminent Alumni Award (2011) and NUS Business School Eminent Alumni Award (2008) for being one of Singapore’s most successful and prominent business leaders.

He is the Best-Selling Author of 12 Books Including ‘Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires’, ‘Secrets of Millionaire Investors’, ‘Profit from the Panic’ and

Profit From the Asian Recovery’. His business and personal achievements have been featured on Channel News Asia’s Millionaire Makers, Channel News Asia’s Morning Show (Profit From the Panic), The Straits Times (“He Made His Million At 26”), The Sunday Times (“Big Investor, Frugal Spender”) and the Business Times.

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